Diversity Executive Search

Outstanding executive leadership understands and embraces critical change. That is why companies rely on DNA Diversity  Executive Search’s depth and breadth of experience to help them identify and recruit their top diverse leaders. With over 20 years in recruitment, leadership and diversity consulting, we deliver much more than recruiting expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals also offers knowledgeable, insightful advisory services in areas such as diversity and inclusion, talent management, anti racism training, mentorship and sponsorship talent strategies and succession planning.

DNA Diversity  Executive has 20 years of building extensive relationships across industry sectors, geographic locations, and business functions to deliver tailored approaches that are right for our customers. We have the ability to attract, influence and maintain top talent candidates who can deliver critical value and open the doors to new opportunities for our customers. With each project, we carefully select a specialized and dedicated team that is focused on each customer’s needs, goals and leadership criteria.

DNA Diversity  Executive Search combines valued experience and objective insight to provide advisory services that keep our customers ahead of the curve. From assessment and planning, to market analysis and recruitment, we work extensively with our clients to develop deep, sustaining relationships and create customized solutions that deliver long-term results.

DNA Diversity  Executive Search  offers a range of management assessment services that provide customers with insight into the internal and external forces that will shape their future; their current needs and strengths; and what it will take to achieve their strategic vision. We apply a variety of tools and processes, including psychometric testing, structured interviews based on behavioral and situational techniques, and benchmarking. Management assessment services from DNA Diversity  Executive Search can be used on a stand-alone basis, or in combination with other advisory services.

Our Full Service Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting/Consulting Firm are designed to help you create a Legacy DNA Company