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We are a qualified team of BIPOC search firm

At DNA Diversity Executive Search, we have a passion for diversity and thriving in an employment equity environment. Our recruiting and consulting firm offers creative approaches to recruiting people of colour, anti racism training, leadership training, inclusive talent management, diversity mentorship and sponsorship to companies in North America.

DNA Diversity Executive Search Firm is a full service equity, diversity & inclusion recruitment and consulting firm dedicated to driving organizational change.

A Message from Our President and CEO

When they are open to fresh ideas and new people, companies prosper. Economies and our world do as well. How they adapted and accepted diversity can be observed by the most innovative companies, cities and economies in the world.

Success cannot be determined without diversity and growth, these two are not just integrated, but inseparable. And this is what we truly believe in the DNA Diversity Executive Search Path, that each company must have the core and essential elements of success- diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion are not just about the policies, programs, or even headcounts. It is about integrating respect for the uniqueness of each individual, as well as their perspective and potential. A diverse and inclusive workplace creates deeper trust and stronger commitment from their employees which leads to new insights and innovation.

We evolve as an entity and as an organisation by coming together and sharing our unique perspectives. This helps the DNA Diversity Executive Search Path recruit the best talent and keep them. And it helps us better serve the needs of our highly diverse consumer markets and satisfy them.

Differences & consideration could be a key enabler in bringing to life DNA Diversity’s reason of making clients flourish and communities succeed. We’re glad of the advance we’ve made and we’re moreover spurred by a solid sense of what is still to come.

We accept differing qualities & consideration reinforces us and we are committed to taking activities to make sustainable advances in our company and the communities we serve.

We deliver DEI Outsourcing services through an integrated technology

Executive Search

Executive Search

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Anti Racism Training

Anti Racism Training

Anti Racism Training

Talent Management

Focus on Your Mission While We Focus on Building Your Diverse, Equity and Inclusion Legacy Organization

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DNA Diversity  Executive Search Firm is a  full service equity, diversity and inclusion recruitment and consulting firm dedicated to driving organizational change.

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