Generational Diversity

In many workplaces throughout the world, we will see different generations in the same place.  Let’s examine generational diversity. Generational Diversity in the workplace adds much needed perspectives and strengths to an organization.

Every organization can benefit from what every generation offers.  Each generation has ways of solving its issues, addresses its own problems, and conquering its own battles. There is a whole new set of battles when it comes to generational diversity.

Embracing and appreciating is crucial to combating ageism. Ageism still exists in today’s workplace but having a generationally diverse organization shows all age are accepted.  When we look at age differences, one of the key contrasts are work values.

Someone from an older generation tends to be someone who prefers job security and hierarchical respect. Someone from a younger generation may prefer more flexibility, collaboration, and purpose-driven work.

Let’s consider the different communication styles.  Someone of an older generation may favor a more formal style of communication and in person interactions. Someone of a younger generation may prefer more informal chats or use of digital platforms.

Let’s also consider learning and development. The use of traditional training may resonate more with older workers. Younger worker may prefer the use of interactive, on demand learning platforms.

Let’s also consider degrees of work commitment. When examined by generation, Traditionalists (born 1928-1945) and Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) often prioritized job stability and long-term commitment from their employer. In comparison, members of the Millennial (born 1981-1996) and Gen Z (born 1997-2012) generations prioritized opportunities for growth, flexibility, and more diverse experiences from their empl

All of the different qualities from the different generations can make for a powerful organization is so many ways.  Age is a number but it is wisdom. Youth is a state but it is also the birth of new and fresh ideas. A generational diverse workplace can answer the call of any societal issue within an organization.

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