Socioeconomic Diversity in the Workplace

Today, we take a look at socioeconomic diversity in the workplace. Socioeconomic means relating to or concerned with the interaction of social and economic factors. Economic disadvantage is one of the common factors among people who are considered marginalized in society. Disabled persons are most likely to live in poverty. More than 20% of Black Americans are in multiple generations of their family to be poor. Women in America over one-third as likely to be poor than their male counterparts. Over 35% of all single women with children are likely to raise their family in poverty.

An underrepresented class of people from a lower socioeconomic class will always face challenges in employment and day to day life activities.  What is necessary to break this cycle?  Workplaces can actively implement the practice of looking at their processes and implementing systems that serve to exclude bias. Another way is to actually address the things that are considered hidden biases and stereotypical thinking of a certain group or groups.  Another way is to ensure that company Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training is realistic and truly address the issues that affect marginalized persons for better awareness and education.  Allowing for social connectivity with all people regardless of economic circumstances is another way to help this issue. Making appropriate accommodations are also important. Creating opportunities that will help everyone grow is a great step of enhancing diversity.

This is a problem that will take years to fix. Keep in mind, institutional practices were responsible to give some more advantages than other people. Huge strides have been made by companies to welcome, embrace, and include people from all groups to form great teams.  There is still more to do as long as the underrepresented are indirectly or directly denied opportunities through socioeconomic factors spanned multiple generations.  In the future, workplaces have an amazing to make their workplaces more socioeconomically diverse, form teams, and work as a cohesive unit for success.

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