We Shall Include

Inclusion is something many businesses strive for as they are reaching a more national and global presence.  In the today’s workplace, we have a diverse composition of people, skills, and talents.

Let’s look at the word “Inclusivity” as defined in today’s workplace. In a company’s culture, this is the active practice of embracing the differences of all of their employees and viewing those differences as assets within a company’s culture.

This is truly about seeing every employee as someone who can contribute regardless background or disability. Most people want to be a part of something. More people want to be a part of something greater than themselves. When people feel like they are accepted within their work environment, greater productivity, better innovation and better decisions will be made.

Companies and employees benefit greatly from an inclusive workplace environment. Creating an open, honest, and transparent culture fosters inclusivity. Some conversations are difficult to hold in the short-term but yield long-term benefits for all concerned. Inclusivity requires commitment, courage, cognizance of bias (even when it is our own), curiosity, cultural intelligence, and collaboration.

Leadership sets the tone for an inclusive environment. Leaders who value every person on their team will foster an inclusive environment. Our wisest leaders know in order to bring out the best in their team there must be a positive, professional, and safe environment for everyone to be themselves and still create the results vital to a company’s success.

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