The Melting Pot

When we think of the term “melting pot”, we think of the great co-existence, embracing all people and producing something new.  We are bringing pieces of every culture to make a good things even better. Let’s take a look at how an amalgamation of differences can truly exist something beautiful.

Most companies want a workplace that is diverse but also reflect their values as a company.  Some would say that we are moving from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to a direction of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Integration. Millions recognize the social changes and the attitude about diversity has changed. Employees see as a positive in their workplace. Some recognize the social dynamic that is changing the landscape. A lot of pushback often comes from political ideology.

DEI is a cultural and social change.  It is one that requires support from the top of any company in order for the initiatives to gain full support throughout.  For more organizations, the values to provide everyone an equal and credible chance to show one’s worth and competence are usually embedded in a company’s value set. DEI was intended to enhance this concept in order to help companies operate more efficiently and effectively.

Most companies recognize that the world has changed. Accordingly, the approach must change in order to attract, hire and retain the best talent possible. There is so much more to this. We must look the weight of senior leadership behind the objectives, the middle managers who are charged with the company’s mission and our entry level hard workers who are expected to reflect and personify the best of those values.

In year the 2024, more and more companies are seeing the need for their team to reflect the same representation of society. Some companies will invest more and more money in programs, training, and awareness. Most top executive will agree that they are willing to attract and retain the best talent available to grow into the future.

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  1. Wonderful article. DEI is imperative to any workplace environment for diversity. Companies are researching how to implement the necessary changes to accommodate the new technology. Sociological advancements will accompany developments for change.

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